Tuesday, September 27, 2011

10 K around USU campus.

I was thinking about it all day and deciding if I wanted to do it.
why not? I might as well.
I love doing races around school campus, because you get a feel of the college life and your able to see the beautiful buildings that I go to or others I don't go to. You gain an appreciation for the campus. I love LOVE the USU campus and decided I might as well do the 10k.
the nice thing is if you have a partner you run the 5k and then switch and have your partner do the rest of the 5k. team work.
well It was just me. so I decided to do the full 10k like most people also did.
it turned out better then I expected.
doing the 10 K at Snow College it wasn't really organized. The only thing that you were able to see was the arrows on the ground.
the nice thing about this 10K they had college students standing in the spots where you needed to turn and cheering you on. This 10k was for the business week at USU campus this week. The good thing is also the money goes to the Huntsman center which was for a good cause.
i paid the 10 dollar fee.
had my running shoes on. long socks.
shorts and shirt
and ready to run.
finally it started at 5:30.
it was a good push for myself.
i feel as if after the race I could have gone a little faster.
my time to beat was the 10 K ephriam run which  my time was 55:12
my favorite part about doing races is the final stretch
where your able to give it your all
and spring down the path to the finish line.
you need to. it is that last drive that gets you to the finish line.
pumping your arms, taking long strides, breathing intensively, and music out of ears.
i love hearing people cheer it gives me that extra push.
i passed the finish line.
my time
52:42. DONE DEAL. i beat my time of the other 10k.
i was so pleased with my time.
also there was this one girl in my fitness class that I can't stand she is annoying and everyone agrees
ha ha i had to beat her also. so that was where my competitive side came out shhh ;)
don't worry let the best woman win. me ha ha
it was a very well organized race.
got my free shirt. free waterbottle, free mini ear plugs, free bannana's.
i think i'm set for the day! ha ha
i'm glad I was able to participate in it and run the full 10k running the whole time.
i'm proud of myself.
http://huntsman.usu.edu/businessweek/files/uploads/Route.pdf (the lovely map course) ;)
and loved running around the campus. it was perfect.
Thanks to those who put it all together!
I come back from the race and my room mates where like did you just run a race or something.
I said yes i did the 10k.
they were all like your crazy.
my one room mate was like yeah I just you know do that every day decided at the last min to run.
I might be crazy but I think once I hit the half marathon or the full marathon then i will be CRAZY.
and I can call me crazy. doing a 10k isn't that bad at all. you will have to try it. challange yourself.
i did and I am going to keep on trying.
love the life you live.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

sister has a white jeep.

WHITE JEEP my sister got.
it is so so SO so cute. I want it. yes I do.
it is big and way cute on the outside has two doors which I love.
we took pictures on my brother's camera i will post them up here when i get them ;)
My dad let me drive the jeep because we had to go get the muffler fixed.
kimberly and david drove with me. it was fun.
i could just see kimberlys head bouncing up and down. i loved it. we laughed.
we were able to listen to some good tunes also. the stereo works great. ahhh i love love it.
even though it is a little old. it is still way cute and in good condition.
I wanted to bring it up to Utah state ha ha that won't happen.
good thing when I go home to visit I can take the jeep for a spin. ha ha.
the two cars I want sometime when I can afford them.
are a jeep. and a mini cooper. okay I lied three cars. and a Truck.
those three cars are my all time favorite. ha ha after I get my Master's or Bachelor's Degree ;)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Relief Society Conference Center

Girls Night at the Conference center
I was able to get Relief Society tickets for the Conference center.
my relief society president was handing them out.
i took three. one for me. one for my sister and one for my mom.
it was fun we all looked way cute in our sunday clothes.
we were able to kill some time
by going to Deseret Book across the street.
my mom bought me an ensign. then kimberly bought these cute rings. one said FAITH and one said BELIEVE. they were way cute just didn't really fit my fingers the way I wanted them to.
My mom thought it would be a good idea to get some snacks.
she got chocolate galore. things so delicious.
chooclate cinn bears. chocolate m$m's and chocolate covered raisns.
yupp we were set.
don't worry after confernce we felt sick for eating them and eating them. but they were still good at the time. can never go wrong with chocolate.
then off to the Conference Center.
we got good seats.
the talks were great.
there is a peaceful feeling I always recieve when I'm at the Conference center.
gathered around with other Latter Day Saints hear to hear a message.
I love when all the sisters are talking then the Prophet Thomas S Monson
walks in and it goes silent and we all stand up.
amazing feeling inside and knowing that he is a true prophet that leads and guides us today.
love the feeling and love this gospel.
the three sisters did a great job talking.
i then leaned over to my mom saying I would like to hear Elder Bendar, or Uchtdorf speak.
after the song.
Elder Uchtdorf was up to speak.

I have always loved listening to his talks. I love how he uses metamphore's. I'm able to remember it and always listening tentatively when he speaks to the sisters.
He started talking about the beauty that surrounds us, the flowers the trees and how blessed we are for the beauty.  He mentions the flower called the : forget me not flower and how it has five petals for the flower. 

"The five petals of the little forget-me-not prompt me to consider five things we would be wise never to forget."
  1. Don't forget not to be paitent with myself
    • These forget me not flowers may be small but God notice's them
    • Keep working hard at school, work, etc
    • Everyone has strengths and weaknesses
    • Take tiny steps towards the journey of perfection.
  2. Don't forget not the difference a good sacrifice and a foolish sacrifice
    • Every person and situation is different.
    • Ask myself >  Am I committing my time and energy to whats most important?
    • nurturing those small forget me not flowers is like our testimonys.

  1. Don't forget not to be Happy now
    • I love this one when he was addressing it to the sister's and brought in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory saying that everyone wants that Golden Ticket. 
    •  We sometimes forget the simple joys of life because we are to focused on that Golden Ticket. to focused on marriage, school, etc.
    • Each day think of those simple Joys of life.
    •  he said,” is that if we spend our days waiting for fabulous roses, we could miss the beauty and wonder of the tiny forget-me-nots that are all around us.”
  2. Don't forget the Why's in the gospels
    • President Uchtdorf reminded the sisters that the gospel is not an obligation, but a pathway leading to happiness and peace in this life and “glory and inexpressible fulfillment” in the life to come".
  3. Don't forget not that the Lord loves me.
    • “You may at times feel a little like the forget-me-not—insignificant, small, or tiny in comparison with others,” he said, noting: “I hope (the forget-me-not) will be a symbol of the little things that make your lives joyful and sweet.”
    • I am loved by the King of infinite space and everlasting time. what a blessing to know!

    I would encourage those who weren't able to attend to listen to this video/talk to take the time and listen to it. It is one of my favorite talks this year.
    • http://lds.org/general-conference/watch/2011/10?lang=eng&vid=1180453706001&cid=7

      I looked over at my sister she was in tears, my mom was and so was I because of the spirit touching each of our hearts during his talk. It was great to come home to a weekend where I was able to go to the Conference center with my mom and sister. It was a treat and I loved every mintue of it. After we had to just had to take pictures out side the conference center with the Temple in the background. I didn't have my camera so next best thing cell phone camera's ;)

Friday, September 23, 2011

stayin up late.

friday night I worked then after work was planning on going to bed.
nope that is not what my room mate Lauren and her friend Mack had in mind.
we all watched Gilmore Girls now just a fact I have to be home in slc saturday morning at 10:00.
we went to the grocery store.
had chocolate bunt cake.
more choclate bunt cake.
ice cream.
we were pigging out. it was delicious.
one of my room mates liz came back and was in a break up with her boyfriend.
she comes home and they are backed together...so that leads them into the direction of marriage.
she was talking to us about it. the ring. the dress. the colors.....the temple etc.
it was a fun girls night.
then after we decided we had to watch the eposide of Suzikie's wedding.
so we did.
we started Gilmore Girls at like 2:30 in the morning no worries right.
we finished at 4:00 and called it a night.
i then got two hours of sleep and drove home to slc.
good thing for diet cokes. i had to get one bright and early to keep me awake.
2 hours of sleep terrible.
the drive was nice it goes by fast.
i love this drive more then going to Snow college.
i was able to listen to my COUNTRY music and jam to the tunes.
I was meeting up with two friends from high school for brunch.
Brooke Gibbs and Whitney Lucas.
we met at Ihop. it was fun.
it was good to catch up on each other lives and see how things are going.
I got to a point in the conversation where I realized people change and just keep moving on with their lives.
I wanted to go back to the high school times where we would hang out and do fun activities.
but nope life just keeps moving on.
Brooke told us about the married Life. and Whitney told us about her moving back home & going to slcc.
it was fun.
i got strawberry crepes. which are to die for. If you haven't had crepes at Ihop. you  must they are the best and the only thing I ever get there ha ha.
You know those friends where you will always stay in contact with. i think that is how it is with these two even though we haven't seen each other for a while we were still able to laugh and have a good time.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

second job? maybe

I saw on the USU off campus job listing. 
a job for a child care position.
i was excited and decided to give it a chance and call.
that is what I just did.
set up an interview for 4:00. today.
it only took about 10 mintues.
the lady seemed way nice.
I gave her my resume, and printed off the application online and filled it out.
gave her my lovely food handlers permit (i guess it is good I updated it before I left slc) ha ha
For the time of the position she said it varies and she is working with two other students schedule as well.
i wrote down the times when I'm free mon-friday and they are mostly in the afternoon. 12-5.
which would be perfect.
I want a day job in the afternoons. I feel as if I have to much free time. which is good but I would 
rather be doing something productive ;) 
the nice thing is it is about 5 minutes away to so isn't bad drive at all.
i go into tomorrow to get a feel of the job to see if it is actually something I want to do.
really though the lady was way nice and seemed very hopeful of me getting a job.
I guess we will see how tomorrow goes.
I'm way excited. I love working with children, playing with them and being their role model. 
I hope I like it. Wish me luck! ;)

Monday, September 19, 2011

paint dance.

Paint dance on the Hyper Field with my two roommates. It was fun. Tip: Don't wear a black shirt to this dance. lame right. I didn't really have time to change because I wanted to head over there with them. so black shirt it was.

we didn't even get that much paint compared to other people. Probably because we left early and were only there for about 20 mintues. I heard right after we left that it got intense. that a group of ferternity boys brought huge buckets of real paint and threw it on everyone. 
lame right when we left. oh well it was fun while it lasted.
To the boy with no shirt: please don't dance next to me and please put on a shirt
To the girl who elbowed me: thanks for elbowing me really hard in the back while dancing, it was very rude.
To the paint: next year please supply more paint and not just so the front row can get. 
bascially it was a huge mosh pit. no room for dancing. basically sweat all over each other.
paint in eyes. hair stiffed. wore the wrong kind of shoes; don't worry Jenny wore sandels also. gross feet. dirty. gotta love college dances and making the best of it. 
ha ha thanks Janessa and Jenny for a fun crazy dance.
look at our gross feet. dirty. and marks on our feet from our shoes.
gross. don't wear sandals to paint dances. ha ha. lesson learned.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gilmore Girls.

yupp I'm addicted to this tv show. 
thanks to my wonderful room mates.
one of the girls has the whole entire seasons.
so good I don't have to wait a whole week to watch the next episode. yes I'm loving that!!
I have watched all of season 1.
I'm now on season 2.
only how many more to go....ha ha.
gotta love the nice relaxing afternoons watching Gilmore girls staying up late 2:00 a.m watching it.
ahhhh I'm loving it!!

Thanks to my wonderful Roommates for making me watch this show. I appreciate it.
Thanks for joining me when i watch it in the family room.
welcome to my lovely days: sitting in front of the t.v
love it. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

pulled over registration overdue.

I was so grateful to recieve a lovely package from my mother today.
it included chocolate and more chocolate and more chocolate.
the funny thing is I wanted to go buy chocolate but I had to meet up with someone from my family ward that was delivering the lovely package to me cause she was up in Logan.
got my car registered. done deal it expires 2012. yes I now won't get pulled over by a cop.
funny thing last night I went to a bomb fire with the sorority that I'm in at the institute.
i dropped off a friend at her apartment.
driving home.
on my street. about what like 2 mintues away. less then that.
i see a cop lights turn on and it of course is behind me.
i feel as if I always get pulled over. every single time for the dumbest reasons.
I knew I wasn't speeding, I knew i turned on my blinker.
and didn't know why he pulled me over.
then of course when he walks over he was like your registration is over due.
then It brought me back to the conversation that I had with my mom on the phone just yesterday
about having my car being over due. and I was planning on going home this weekend but plans didn't work out I am going home next weekend because of Relief Society General Conference.
I got tickets for my mom and sister so us three are going. girls night. dinner. and spiritual thoughts.
can't wait. i'm so excited to go home and visit with my family. SO EXCITED.
i have missed them so much. they literally are my best friends. and i have missed them up in logan
my mom was at the temple and a family in my family ward mom went up to my mom
and said she had to tell my mom she was going to Logan and had a feeling to tell her.
it just happened to work out because she brought up the registration for my car.
DONE DEAL> i got it done looking around for ever for the place. but finally found it.
my car is now set and ready to go. no more cops I hope. goodness they need to pull other people over.
luckily he just gave me a warning and was way nice about it. thanks cop I appreciate you pulling me over and giving me a warning. i really do appreciate you getting me all nervous. thanks kindly.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

dynamic fitness course:
running OLD MAIN HILL stairs.
ugh killed me.
our instructor told us to do it about 10 times. yeah that wasn't going to happen for me.
my goal was 6: I made it to 7 times around.
such a great work out at 10:30 a.m in the morning
especially from hiking last night and getting up around 10:17 and need to be at class at 10:30.
good thing it was a work out class.
i was safe.
no need to get ready.
that is how i role. ha
if you ever need an amazing work out. an intense work out.
come up to USU and do the Old Main hill stairs.
it gets your heart rate up and pumping.
breathing hard. and huffing.
what a great useful morning.......gotta love work out classes.

free workouts.

this is free week on campus. meaning that they have free classes that you can take for aerobic exercise. then after this week you have to pay the fee each month.
I decided to take on the free week and see if It is worth the money each month.
i went to a kickboxing class Tuesday night before my night class.
it was great. I'm glad I have already done kickboxing before, so it was easy to catch on.
went to a turbo class Wednesday morning at 6:30 a.m. yeah don't know how I was able to make it.
i just happened to get up. college student getting up this early. you can call me CRAZY. ha.
it was also a good workout routine. it felt a little like kickboxing.
then i had to go straight after to my eled 1010 class. good thing i packed a hat so I didn't look that terrible. ha ha hats our seriously the best.
wednesday afternoon I also decided to go and check out the Cross fit
which is 75 dollars each month. yeah that is basically for my food ha ha.
it was only about a 25 mintue work out. but still it killed me.
he had the group do lunges and then the bar squat.
we had a partner and someone would do lunges for 20 seconds the other would do bar squat for 20 sec. then we switched.
yeah my thighs got an extremely good workout as well as my triceps.
he was a killer.
then taking 2 hour break and going hiking.
yeah crazy. but fun.
gotta love free workouts. they are the best. and I have  
loved every one. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

blind date: hiking.

my room mate Lauren and her friend Mackenzie had this brilliant Idea of getting a group to go hiking. we tried about two weeks ago to go but it didn't happen which was fine.
One of Lauren's friends that is a guy named Scott wanted to go on a date with this girl.
so the idea was to have about 5 couples go on a hike.
the only one that knew each other were Scott and the girl he wanted to take.
the rest were blind dates.
which at times are fine. but then at times you just are nervous to see and to know who your going with.
the good thing was it was a group activity. but of course we partnered off into our lovely dates.
Mackenzie and her Date Spencer
then me and my date Preston.
when i first met him. my impressions he seemed like a pretty relaxed guy. a little to short for me.
so i knew it wasn't really going to work out. but might as well make the best of it and have a good time.
that is what we did.
we went on the hike the Wind Caves. which I did last week with a group from my ward.
this time we were able to make it already to the top which was rewarding and awesome to view.
we started the hike around 9:00 a lovely evening hike up the trail.
the nice thing was it wasn't to hot or to cold it was just right.
i felt dumb being the only one with the backpack but I was nice enough to bring fruit snack for everyone and red licorice. come on hiking you must have a treat or a snack break. in my opinion it is a must. don't worry everyone pretty much loved my fruit snacks ha ha. it was my service and sharing activity.
it is always fun getting to know new people.
playing the lovely get to know you game.
where you from? what do you like to do? how many siblings? what you studing? where did you go on your mission? favorite places that you have traveled.........................etc.
gotta love it. the nice thing was he was easy to talk to and he mention it half way up the hike that I was easy to talk to as well. There was no awkward moments which is always good on a blind date.
we were the first group in front. pretty much we were cruising on the way up. 
us and then another couple don't remember their names.
but the one guy decided to take the short cut>? ha ha yeah right it was more like the longer cut.
it was a fun short cut though rock climbing up the side. the first step was the hardest then it was just a piece of cake. good thing i'm not afraid of heights ha. we did it but we ended up being the very last 2 couples up the cave ha ha. it was still fun.
then we all got up to the top and just sat in our lovely couples and talked and chit chatted and talked.
then it was time to hit the road jack.
we hiked back down.
talked in a group before leaving.
got in our cars.
then the lovely stage of him walking me to the door
he knew my roomies and came into talk to them for a bit.
then off he went.
it was a fun blind date. would I date him again> nope. just friends. he is to short. ha ha. 
the hike was awesome and I'm glad I was able to finish it this time.
next blind date probably next month we will see when the time comes.
gotta enjoy going life right ;)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

preparing for the future.

I love reading the LDS ensigns.
especially when you read a talk and you feel as if you needed to read it
and that it was for you at that time.
that is how i feel right now. I just read an article from the September 2011 Ensign 
Preparing for the Future by:
Elder M Russell Ballard.
I would recommend reading it.
It touched my heart, and gave me the comfort and resurrance that I needed.
this article was for me at this time. it was an answer to prayers. 
I am on the right path and track of life.
I need to keep moving forward in faith and trusting in the Lord and following the commandments.
a few of the things that stood out to me in this article were the following:
  • Going to Church is to give me guidance and direction.
  • Find someone to become more active. 
    • He challenged each one of us to look around and invite others to come unto Christ.
  • Don't be afraid.
    • Don't think you have to have everything in life lined up.
    • Don't be afraid of Marriage.
  • Pay tithing.
  • Don't lose faith. Go forward with faith.
  • fear is one of those principals that evil uses
    • he wants us to question. and have doubts.
  • If your living away from home stay close to your Mom's and Dads.
    • the power of Communication.
    • the use of technology phone calls, texts, emails, facebook, skpe, etc
    • in this category I added stay close to your siblings as well. communicate with them.
  • I'm on a great journey in Logan
    • going to school 
    • getting an education
    • working
    • paying my tithing
    • attending institute, religion of life every Friday, IWA (lds sorority)
    • going to church meetings 
    • becoming friends with my room mates and others I meet
  • Repentance is always available when needed. use it.
  • Trust the Lord. Believe in him. 
  • Enjoy the future. Enjoy the life your living now. Enjoy every moment. minute.second

Saturday, September 10, 2011

very eventful saturday.

my room mate Lauren invited me and her friend Mackenzie to go to her house for breakfast.
she lives in northern Logan which is about 10 mintues away.
it is so pretty up up in North Logan.
I love looking at the different houses and they lifestyles people live.
the smell of delicious waffles.
my waffles included lots of powder sugar, syrup, more powder sugar, and butter.
delicious breakfast. so good.
after eating breakfast we went and did some errands.
went to down east. I love their clothing. I want to work there so I can get a discount on their clothing I would probably spend my whole pay check there so maybe it is a good thing.
went back to Laurens house and Mackenzie finished her laundray.
then it was time to go up to GREEN CANYON.
we went four wheeling.
it was so much fun.
I wish I had my camera to take pictures but unfortunately it was dead. no worries.
my dad is looking into getting some this month for our family. I think he should.
i love how you can go on dirt roads up the canyons.
it is always so pretty and makes me want to go camping.
we ran into people mountain biking up the paths. that looks like an intense work out and made me want to bring up my mountain bike if it still fits me and go biking up the canyon. 
it was fun all of us wearing helmets and enjoying the nice sunny day.
her dad came along with us as well as her cousin and his wife
some of the paths had the lose dirt. so of course at the end we were a little dirty.
gotta love four wheeling it is so worth it.
having dirt on your nose. mouth. feet. pants. shoes. shirt. hair. gotta love it. 
after we went back and gave the four wheelers a lovely car wash.
sparkling clean.
then went inside for lunch.
it was delicious as well. rice. chicken. salad. corn. yum!! Thanks to her mom for cooking for us ;)
then it was time to go home and do homework for all of us.
i also had work so I needed to take a lovely power nap before.
I was greatful that my room mate invited me to go with her and Mackenzie.
it was a fun and eventful Saturday.
no Saturday's wasted here.

motorcycle ride. I think YES.

my room mate Lauren. has a guy friend that has a motorcycle ride.
she has been telling me about it.
last night her old room mate Mack and the guy that had the motorcycle came over.
we both were just chillin in our beds.
talking. listening to music. etc.
then they walked in telling us to not be boring and go enjoy our friday night.
so they convidence us. and we left with them.
i thought we were walking it is just up the street. not even that far away.
nope we were riding his bike.
done deal.
mack went first then lauren. then myself.
of course i got a longer ride becuase he had to get himself an energy drink.
it was fun.
oh the joys of riding on a motorcycle. now I know why my dad had one in college.
they are so much fun to ride. and come on a guy riding a motorcycle. attractive. indeed.
it was a fun friday night just hanging out.
especially being busy at work. it was just great (not!)
I will have to go on another ride sometime.......ha ha.........

Thursday, September 8, 2011

hair appointment

wow i needed to dye my hair again.
it was starting to look unclean.
my roots where already way grown in.
i needed to re dye it brown. yes i did.
now it looks shinny and clean.
i love the feeling of getting your hair done.
cut and color.
it felt so good.
she even gave me a nice scalp massage. i loved it.
she was way nice and a very cute gal.
here our my photos of my hair color.
i was going to go shorter. but i realized i love long hair so i'm keeping my hair long for awhile.
A friend I met up here gets their hair done by her and I decided to give her a try. 
i love the color now. it will probably fade with in the next days and won't be as dark.
Thanks Camille

I'm enjoying myself some chocolate pudding! Delicious! and such a nice lovely snack:)


alright being a college student
looking for things that you need but don't want to spend the full amount of money.
or not intrested in paying that amount.
i was looking online for a college backpack. yes i don't have one. i have been fine using my laptop bag. but after awhile not needing my laptop and just need a book or binder. i need a backpack.
i was going to buy one online.
uhh just didn't want to pay that much.
i decided I might as well check Desert Industries.
it was a perfect fine.
i got this backpack for TWO DOLLARS. done deal.sold.
it has been used and has a few marks. but really all I need is for it to carry my college books.
I also love the blue on the backpack.
i would much rather like flower print or polka dots but striped backpack for two dollars. done deal.
this is the back pack I got ;)
On the lovely site called: Amazon
they were selling this backpack for 
I pretty much saved $40.00 dollars
and the one I bought isn't a plain boring color like this black one it has atleast some color added to it.
I then used that $40.00 dollars to get my hair cut and color alright it was $55.00 dollars but still. 
I just love trying to find things at a good bargain
and saving my money. :)
oh the joys of living on your own.
being a college student. i love love love it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

IWA. Deseret

this is the last semester that USU is doing LDS sororites.
I'm grateful to be able to do it one more semester and especially being my first year up at USU. I hope to meet new friends and create fun memories.
I loved going to Gamma with my good friend Alisha we had some good memories.
I love looking back at pictures and remembering those fun activties.
this chapter meets every wednesday night.
i'm pretty excited. i work tuesday and thursday nights. so wednesday was the only night that worked for me. I do have a night class but luckily i get out around 7:20. and we met around 7:00.
it worked out great.
My friend Laura was the one that told me about the IWA at the institute and told me to join.
done deal. six dollars for the semester. 
tonight was our ALOHA getting to know your chapter.
it is a smaller group but the girls seem way nice and cute. There are a lot of girl chapters. It was hard trying to find the room with my chapter's name on it, it seemed that I found every other chapter instead.
then finally found the one I'm in
called Deseret
we played a lovely get to know you game.
gotta love those games.
then ate some delicious dessert. so good! it was made with ice cream sandwhiches. pretty sure I had to go for seconds. which i shouldn't but come on it was so GOOD!
then Sister Newswander 
made these adorable cute survior kits. 
the following were inside the bag. such a cute idea:).

my favorite where the little hershy's chocolate and they made cute little Book Of Mormons
i loved the cute little red book mark in it also.
it don't even want to eat it, because it is so cute. ha!
it was fun to get to know more girls and I hope to get to know them better and create memories.
Thanks to Laura for telling me about this else I probably wouldn't have heard about it.
it's going to be fun. and I can't wait.
to grow spiritual and be more closer with the Lord and strengthen my testimony.
the Theme is the following: 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


i love those days of school.
when i wake up early and have time to get ready.
happy.it was cold outside. i love the cold weather. and can't wait for fall.
to wear long sleeves. sweaters. leggings. boots. hot chocolate. oh boy i love that season.
love those days saying Hi to an attractive person walking on the cross walk towards you.
you can either choose to look down. or look at the person.
if they are attractive having eye contacts always the best.
loves when people smile at me. it makes me want to smile back.
today I saw this one boy named Jordan that i met on the quad.
he is pretty attractive i do have to say.
very nice. we both can keep a conversation.
and got to know each other...with the lovely get to know you conversations.
anyways. saw him at institute on the chair studying I had to say hi.
then i went up stairs read for about 30 mintues then of course had to back track and go the same way i did just so I can walk past and see if he is still sitting there.
yupp he was. studying in his book.
i asked if he did the friday form. religion of life thing. he said he does.
i said well we should go sometime.
he then said he goes with a friend every friday and they meet in front around 11:15. and said that I could meet up with them.
then I can actually know someone going into the cultural hall. that is always a nice feeling of sitting by someone you know. or have talked to then some random stranger.
it was a very kind suggestion that he invited me.
pretty sure I'm way excited for friday and can't wait ;)
i love having a pe class right before. then I can be all sweaty and gross and in gym clothes.
perfect. just perfect. oh well.........i'm excited.

Monday, September 5, 2011

labor day hike.

hiking up Logan canyon.
first time. it is beautiful.
labor day = no school. love these days of just relaxing. and enjoying the day of no classes.
girls in my ward were knocking around old farm our lovely town houses.
and inviting people to go hiking in thirty mintues.
i decided since i just ran i might as well go and get to know more people.
it was fun. they were nice. it was a great hike.
i love the outdoors.
its fun meeting new people. playing the get to know you game. learning peoples names.
i realized to get to know people I might as well be involved with different activities and when I get an invite to go and participate to get to know people in my are. it was fun. good talks and laughs.
here are some pictures of the lovely group i went hiking with.

funny thing. I said a smile photo then we will do a crazy one next.....i asked what theme we should do and then the one in the blue U shirt said lets just move our faces and then it will capture a crazy moment. that is just what we did. it actually turned out pretty funny! ha ha! we all got our excerice in, were able to meet new people in the ward and enjoy each other's company. it was fun. 
now off to each lunch.